Inside London’s Container City

As you may probably already know, Container Architecture is something I’m very passionate about. Its an idea that I believe could be of value as an alternative option concerning the housing crisis in Nigeria.

Its by no means a holistic answer or solution but one of the many options that could be employed to ease the burden, on a small scale with multiples of 1 or 2 containers and on a large scale with up to a thousand containers. (Keetwonen anyone?). You could say I’m on a somewhat silent crusade or campaign for its adoption in my beloved ‘Naija’, so I’ll like to share a video  that i think proves its viability and versatility.
This is  Container City in Trinity Buoy Wharf, London, a project we’ve featured before, designed and constructed by London-based  Urban Space Management, about 15 years back and quite possibly one of the most popular container architecture projects in the world amongst many others. Enjoy.
Container_City_massing_model.svgContainer-City 800px-Cmglee_Container_City_corridor
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