Discussing the Design: A look at the conception of the Icone Tower in Manila by Henning Larsen

In this video, Claude Bøjer Godefroy, Partner and Design Director,Henning Larsen (Hong Kong office), speaks on the ideas and processes involved in developing the winning entry that birthed the proposed 308m high, Icone Tower billed for construction in Bonifacio Global City, Manila.

You can see our previous feature on the tower here.

“We aimed to create a design that will be the benchmark of how a high-rise can give back. The project is characterized by a high degree of responsibility, in relation to not only materials and production but also regarding positive, social spaces encouraging intimacy and community. This building represents a milestone for Manila and the Philippines. We aimed to make it a truly Filipino building by understanding and integrating elements of Filipino nature, culture and climate,…The tower also represents an effort to discover what contemporary Filipino architecture is about, and we hope it can inspire other local builders to join this search for identity and character.”

-Claude Bøjer Godefroy, Partner and Design Director. Henning Larsen, Hong Kong office.



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