Change:Water Labs have developed an evaporative off-grid toilet that doesn’t need plumbing, water or electricity

As reported by inhabitat, Diana Yousef, CEO of change:WATER Labs is working to empower women, girls and 40% of the world without a toilet. The protein biochemist and entrepreneur is working on a portable, off-grid toilet that operates without plumbing, water or electricity. This development seeks to provide a solution for the 2.6 billion people around the planet that don’t have access to safe toilets. A situation that not only impacts health, but empowerment as well, seeing as women and girls  are said to face high rates of violence when they don’t have access to safe and dignified sanitation.

The innovative toilet is designed low-cost, off-grid, compact, environmentally safe and is able to evaporate 95 percent of sewage sans energy with the help of a simple polymer membrane. Users wouldn’t need plumbing or water to flush the toilet.

Diana Yousef’s change:WATER Labs is up for potential funding from the Chivas Venture (you can vote for them on the Chivas website). The funding would allow them to get working toilets to 10,000 families by 2019.

Find our more about the toilet via the official website.

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