Accessorize, Accessorize!!: Watch Episode 3 of RED TV’s “Interiors by Design”

This week on Interiors by Design, the contestants got to learn about the importance of accessories in any given space with a visit to urban living, a retail store selling top range furniture and accessories. They also got to try out their ‘accessorizing’ skills with a small space.

They also paid a visit to Andrezini, an interior design and furniture outfit in Lagos where they got to meet the founder and guest judge Andrew Adeniji as well as get their challenge for the week. They were tasked with creating an ottoman, upholstered with fabric of their choice and put together by the contestants themselves. From going to Tejuosho market to pick fabric to handling a hammer and tack nails, the contestants gave a good showing, with only one unfortunate individual having to go back to the drawing board.

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