Sights From the AfricaBuild 2016 Building and Interiors Exhibition

We were at the just concluded AfricaBuild Lagos 2016 Building and Interiors Exhibition, which took place at the LandMark Center in Victoria Island, from the 16-18th of this month (February).

This is their first exhibition in Nigeria, and they’ve positioned themselves cleverly as the premier trade exhibition for the building industry, in a bid to take advantage of the immense potential in Nigeria’s construction industry, which is currently worth around US$ 69bn, employing 5% of our 170m population.

It was refereshing and insightful getting to see a vast array of new materials, products as well as services from 91 exhibitors made up of professionals, manufacturers and suppliers representing 16 different countries. Everything from Construction Machinery & Technology to Building Equipment & Tools, Materials and finishes amongst much more. Heres a look at what we saw through the 3 days.


IMG_20160217_161942IMG_20160218_123323IMG_20160218_123430IMG_20160218_123438IMG_20160217_132553 IMG_20160217_132700 IMG_20160217_133222 IMG_20160217_133235 IMG_20160218_123540IMG_20160218_123546 IMG_20160217_133334 IMG_20160217_133355 IMG_20160217_133453 IMG_20160217_133531 IMG_20160217_133540 IMG_20160217_135141 IMG_20160217_135301 IMG_20160217_135726 IMG_20160217_140149 IMG_20160217_140305 IMG_20160217_140314 IMG_20160217_140335 IMG_20160217_140344 IMG_20160217_140417 IMG_20160217_140519IMG_20160217_145128 IMG_20160217_150145 IMG_20160217_150151 IMG_20160217_150510 IMG_20160217_153710 IMG_20160217_153730 IMG_20160217_153758 IMG_20160217_153808 IMG_20160217_155149 IMG_20160217_161542 IMG_20160217_161739 IMG_20160217_161803 IMG_20160217_161824 IMG_20160217_161846 IMG_20160217_161902 IMG_20160217_161916
IMG_20160218_123643 IMG_20160218_123703 IMG_20160218_123710

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