A colorful graphic with the text "10th anniversary giveaway" in bold letters, surrounded by presents.
A colorful graphic with the text "10th anniversary giveaway" in bold letters, surrounded by presents.

Join the Celebration of CC Interiors Studio’s Exciting 10th Anniversary With Surprises and Stories


CC Interiors Studio turns 10 this year, and we’re celebrating our 10th anniversary by consciously sharing our journey, exciting projects, and the core practices that have helped us grow! We’re kick-starting this special year with a 10-day design surprises giveaway to sprinkle happiness and share our joy with you.

This giveaway will practically enhance your interior design journey and or add some excitement to your life as an interior design enthusiast while we highlight five core practices that have been instrumental in helping CC Interiors grow into the top interior design firm it is today:

  1. Education: “Never stop learning”!!!
  2. Community Building: Fostering a community through collaborations and partnerships.
  3. Technological Advances: Embracing the latest technological advances in design.
  4. Social Impact: Giving back to the community through various social impact initiatives.
  5. Heritage and Culture: Celebrating and integrating heritage and culture in design.
A colorful graphic with the text "10th anniversary giveaway" in bold letters, surrounded by presents.

Day One of the celebration started with our Principal Partner/Creative Director, Osaru Alile, discussing the importance of education. She emphasized her commitment to continuous learning, saying:

“Whenever I find a moment, I dive into new courses or immerse myself in research on topics that ignite my passion. This practice has been invaluable in my 20-year journey as an interior designer, and I wholeheartedly believe in the mantra: NEVER STOP LEARNING!!!”

To emphasize this core practice of learning, we’re giving away some of Osaru’s favorite resources: a one year subscription to Architectural Digest & Interior Design Magazine and “The Interior Design Professional Guide for Africa and the Middle East” a book by Titi Ogufere, which is a brilliant educational resource.

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Stay with us to win other exciting gifts from Ile-Ila, il Bagno, Studio Lani, Olive Shop, Precise Lighting, Nimz Studio, InterStyle, ProBlinds, Afrominima, Majuers Furniture, Oxygen, and more, including subscriptions to Mid Journey, Canva and other amazing online applications!

Interior design magazine cover and pages showcasing stunning designs and inspiring articles.

To participate, follow CC Interiors Studio on LinkedIn and Instagram and join in the conversation. Stay tuned for more exciting events and updates throughout the year!

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