A Visual Walk Through of Our Visit To The Lagos Architects Forum 2016

Yesterday we had the opportunity of visiting the Lagos Architects Forum currently holding at the Expo center, Eko Hotel and suites, Victoria Island, Lagos. Themed “Evolving Architecture”, the forum offered an enriching experience with talks and seminars as well as a variety of products, services and materials on display and on offer.

One of the highlights for me was the Architect’s Exhibition which showcased work from some of the biggest practices in not just the state, but, the country. A rarity in the industry. But as the theme of the event suggests, architecture is and needs to evolve in how it is practiced and put forth.

The LAF event offers a great opportunity to be a part of that evolution, through interactions with possibly every generation of practicing architects as well as product and materials manufacturers and a number of other stakeholders within the industry. The forum continues today and draws to a close on Saturday, 7th of May. Do well to be a part of it.

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