Infographic: A Handy Guide to House Restoration Projects

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With the growth in popularity of home improvement reality TV shows such as 60 Minute Makeover, many people are looking around their own homes and seeing how they can upscale them to something more appealing. In the infographic below, UK-based online furniture retailer Chic Furniture and Gift ( goes through the steps that are involved in house restoration, as well as dispensing some crucial advice for anyone thinking of renovating their home.

The first thing to note about house restoration that is certainly not a 60-minute makeover; it requires months of planning, work and budgeting. If you rush into the house restoration process, you’re going to regret it further down the line. Give yourself the time to carefully map out what needs to be done, what contractors can be trusted to do the work, how much it is likely to cost and, realistically, how long it will all take. Also, be prepared for unforeseen snags which could lead to the restoration taking longer or costing more than was initially projected. Indeed, it is advisable to calculate how much you expect it to cost and add an extra 20% to cover any expenses that you may not anticipate at the outset.

The restoration process itself is time-consuming and thorough, so patience really will be a virtue. Before any tools are put to use, you’ll need to assess the building’s condition and get planning permission for the works to be carried out. Only then can you start to ‘gut’ the building in preparation for the main structural and exterior work. After that, you can move on to the main interior tasks, finishing with the more precise fittings such as tiles and carpeting. Once everything is in place, give it one final clean before settling in to your renovated home. However, do keep an eye to any problems which arise shortly after the restoration is finished in case you need to call back a contractor.

If you have the funding in place, the passion to revamp your home and the patience to see the job through, house restoration can be hugely satisfying. For more on the topic, check out the infographic below.

A Handy Guide to House Restoration Projects – Infographic
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