3 D.I.Y Painted Pillow Tutorials You Shoud Try

Throw pillows are a great decor accessory in any space with a variety of options to choose from. Their value in interior styling and decoration can never be overstated, its like the job is never complete until you have some pretty pillows to connect everything together.

Despite being spoilt for choice, you may want something more personal and unique for your space, and painting them is one way to achieve that. A DIY Painted pillow will offer you the opportunity to create anything you want and be an artist for some few hours to a day, Yay! Not everyone can do what a professional artist does but we can have an experience of it even with little projects like this  😀 Here are a couple of DIY painted pillow tutorials you can choose from. Have a look and happy DIY’ing!

DIY painted cushion from ao life.

Using a tree-like stencil and a blend of paints, Caroline Rowland of ao life was able to create a minimalist pretty in pink cushion. The tutorial also includes sewing the pillow cover, so it’s additional knowledge for those who don’t know how to. Check it out here.

DIY Painted cushion painted cushion

DIY designer painted pillows

We’ve seen them, we’ve loved them, we’ve desired them and now, we can create them! Don’t you just love a good find? Thanks to Burlap and Lace we get to recreate those designer pillows we’ve had on our wishlist. For this tutorial, she used already sewn white pillow covers and painter’s brush. Head over here  to see the full process.

DIY designer painted pillows diy-designer painted pillows

Stylish Painted Pillows by A Beautiful Mess

Love the look of the rectangular strokes on these pillows by A Beautiful Mess. The pillows have a modern, edgy and stylish look. Their slightly blurred edges also infuses some welcomed additional character. Unlike the stencil and the painter’s brush of the first two tutorials, these painted pillows were made using a small gift card. The cards were used to smear the paint in the preferred direction. Check here for the full tutorial.

diy painted pillows 2If you love these tutorials, please don’t forget to share so others like you get to see them. When you do create your very own painted pillow(s), please do share with us. We will happily publish it.

Source: ao life, Burlap and Lace Blog, A Beautiful Mess

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