D.I.Y: Creating a Faux Marble Finish

When I first saw this post I honestly thought it was the good ole marble. I showed it to my husband and suggested using marble for the top of the dresser we were designing.

After taking a good look at it, he mentioned that it wasn’t real marble! Imagine my shock when I took another look; I realized they got me. Don’t mind me, I see pictures first before titles; so I saw the furniture before I noticed the “faux marble title”. My husband is the more observant one. Anyway, we were really blown away, and we thought it looked really awesome. Have a look below.


Here’s how the furniture looked like;


And here’s the new surface;



Visit Little Green Notebook for the step by step process on how to create this look which of course, includes the materials you will need. Some additional resources can be gotten here and here. Regarding the finish used over the painting, I do not know yet where you can get these materials or similar (as I haven’t searched yet), but will update this post when I do. If you are familiar with these products and know where they can be purchased (whether in Nigeria, or internationally), please leave a comment. It would be really helpful.


Hope you loved this DIY as much as we did. and in case you created your own faux marble, please share your process and pictures with us by sending a mail to projects@livinspaces.net. You can also forward any other DIY projects that you have worked on as we would love to see and share.

Source: Little Green Notebook

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