DIY: Craft Your Very Own Magnetic Wall Mounted Bottle Opener

Here’s a nifty project I came across on social media that’s fairly easy to do and really cool. Its basically a wall mounted bottle opener that features embedded magnets which catch falling bottle caps when you open a bottle.

What You Need

  • 75mm x 300mm piece of wood
  • 2-inch (50mm) Forstner drill bit
  • Table clamp
  • 2-inch round magnets
  • Industrial glue
  • Bottle opener wall attachment

How To Make It

  • Secure the end of a 3 x 12 inch plank to the edge of a table.
  • Use the drill bit to make two depressions in the wood, about 1/2 an inch apart. They should be just deep enough to fit the magnet which is a little over an inch thick.
  • Remove the wood from the clamp. Coat the bottom of the magnets with industrial glue and fit it in the depression.
  • Mount your bottle opener on the wall with screws or with removable adhesive strips that can hold at least 9 pounds.
  • Pop the cap off your bottle and the magnet will catch the cap.


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