Inflatable and flat-packable ~ The ‘Anda Chair” by Tehila Guy

Tehila Guy created a flat-packed inflatable arm chair for her final project at Bezalel academy of arts and design in Jerusalem, under guidance of her professor Hanan De Lange, and the result, we love. The design was a response to her research of flat-packed furniture, which had her coming to the conclusion that the market was saturated with similarly pieces showing repetitions in “materials used, assembly methods and aesthetics”. In other words, there was nothing unique about them!
 According to her,
 I wanted to design a piece of furniture that is out of the norm in a field that can seem fairly saturated. an armchair was a challenging choice due to the fact it’s barely flat-packed
The need for something different had her consider inflatable structures, in which, further research from the 60’s questioned its value and capabilities. To ensure the chair was reliable and functional, she supported the inflatable clear body on a wooden base.



One of the things I love about the chair is its transparent clear body and how it exposes the wood frame. It gives the chair an interesting, modern and very refined solid look when viewed against the clear bag. Plus, it forms an interesting background for beautiful soft furnishings.



I’m especially amazed that she did this as her final project while still in school, and that her research transcended theory to actually becoming a product that is very marketable;  a case in point as to why architectural schools in Nigeria should employ a more practical and hands on approach in teaching architecture.

Here’s a very interesting video that shows how the different pieces come together. Trust me, you’ll love it !

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