UNFPA Ghana Orange Loft by Space Turnkey Solutions inspires Creativity and Innovation

The Orange Loft in Accra, Ghana is an unconventional co-working space and Youth Innovation Hub commissioned by the country office of the UNFPA, that reflects youthfulness, teamwork and innovation.

Designed and implemented by Space Turnkey solutions, the orange loft is situated within the premises of the UNFPA Country Office in Accra, and was previously an abandoned store house. The new design re-purposes the space to serve as an incubator to enhance the skills of young people, as well as inspire in them creativity and distinctive ideas to support programme interventions of the UNFPA Country Office. It accommodates an audio recording studio, a conference room, a kitchenette, restroom, and a spacious open plan work area.

“When young people are nurtured well, just like a tree planted and cultivated well, they become leaders and agents of change. Indeed It is the little trees, that make up the Forest”.

Dr. Natalia Kanem, UNFPA Executive Director

The designers sought to create a productive environment that allows display of creativity and talent. The design features a material palette of steel and wood as well as vibrant use of colour for the walls and creative ceiling designs. This, along with notable quotes as wall decals are intended to inspire calmness, innovation and enthusiasm. One of the more prominent features within the space is the steel and wood staircase that seamlessly separates the open plan work area from the kitchenette and more informal work areas. The overall scheme and custom furniture pieces embrace a youthful work culture and aims at bringing colleagues together with an effort to enhance collaborative thinking and innovative ideas.

Below is a short video walk through about the space courtesy UNFPA Ghana.

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