The Stiletto Desk by Splinter Works

This is the Stiletto Desk from splinter works (the designers behind the vessel). Obviously inspired by the iconic stacked heel stiletto, complete with red accent, the curvaceous piece is elegant in its form and surprising versatile in its function, serving as a desk, dressing table or even a console table.

As a bespoke piece, the desk comes in various sizes and finishes, featuring 2 or 3 drawers, and a conduit which runs through the table leg so pesky cables can be kept hidden and out of sight.  The heel and drawers are made of solid walnut with the red underside in stained walnut veneer.  The drawers are lined with red baize and have no handles; just a neat hidden finger groove underneath that ensures the continuity of the clean sculptural form.

The designers describe it as an “ode to seductive design.”, with its sleek look and smooth finish. Amongst the many choices of finishing, the ones pictured are done in a French Burr Walnut and stained Birds Eye Maple as well as a new Japanned black lacquer. The latter involves the process of Japanning where fine layers of air dried lacquer are used and then polished to achieve the faultlessly smooth finish evocative of Japanese cabinetry.

Japanned black lacquer via splinterworks

black_stiletto_004 black_stiletto_006

French Burr Walnut via Archiexpo


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