The Enyata Office in Lagos by Micdee Designs Evokes a Sense of Innovation with Vibrant Colours and Patterns

Project Title
Enyata Office
Interior Design
MicDee Designs
450 sqm
Ruby's Polaroid

Micdee Designs recently carried out an interior fit-out for Lagos-based tech startup; Enyata.

The goal was to create an office that would communicate innovative genius, competence and excellence to the firm’s clients whilst attracting, retaining and stimulating excellent output from top talents. Measuring approximately 450 sqm, the project includes a reception, an open office, a board room, lounges, a private office and a town hall.

The Approach

Our vision was to fully communicate the company’s values whilst providing a very functional space. Seeing as the reception area is where first impressions are made, we wanted it to evoke a feeling of trustworthiness, efficiency and competence. We achieved this with a soft color palette, comfortable upholstered furniture and warm lighting.

The reception opens into a large space that houses a great percentage of the rest of the office. We ensured that formal spaces like the conference room and open office were pushed to ‘front of house’; to portray a sense of competence and excellence to clients and customers. The more collaborative sections of the office like the town hall and lounge are situated in corners and towards the rear of the office.

Two major philosophies of Enyata are transparency and openness. It was important to ensure that every member of Enyata’s team felt that every space was accessible to them. For this reason, we largely eliminated full-height walls and allowed for various spaces to flow into one another. And wherever some privacy was required, see-through shelves that serve as room dividers and storage units and clear glass partitions were introduced.

Creating a Town Hall

One of the major challenges Enyata faced in their previous office was the lack of a space where the entire team could huddle up for announcements, pep talks, birthday celebrations amongst others. The town hall is a solution to this challenge. The furniture pieces, color selections and lighting within this space all work together to create an ambience of comfort and community.

The town hall also doubles as a training spot for aspiring developers. The furniture and wall murals create a relaxed but focused environment for proper learning to take place.

Brand Identity and Murals

Character and vibrance are brought into the office by contrasting the white vertical walls with brightly coloured walls and murals. These murals highlight some of Enyata’s influences and what the brand represents.

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