The AV Residence by Minida Designs Explores the Modern Cabin Aesthetic

The AV Residence is a full renovation of a 5-bedroom house in Lagos by Nigerian Interior Design firm Minida Designs. Their aim was to create a space that exuded “serenity and peace”, which was reflected in many of their design choices.

The Minida team took great care in understanding the client’s needs and lifestyle, and made sure to cater to their preferences and tastes. To achieve this, they converted three of the five existing bedrooms into functional spaces for the client – which included a recording studio, home cinema, bar, gym, and fully fitted walk-in closet.

In addition to the functional spaces, they also dedicated a lot of time to the primary bedroom. The goal was to create a comfortable and peaceful environment, which extended to the primary bathroom as well. Materials and finishes were carefully selected with the intent of evoking a sense of luxury and relaxation.

The client’s desire for a modern cabin aesthetic in the living room strongly influenced the design choices, from the floor selection to the style of furniture and the stair balustrade. To achieve this, they opted for stone-like tiles and incorporated wooden elements, such as the wooden beams that enhance the space’s rustic feel. They also used local raffia materials to create texture on the balustrade.

Of equal importance to the client was the inclusion of a fireplace, which posed a challenge in terms of both aesthetics and functionality, given the climate constraints of a Lagos home. They were, however, able to come up with a creative solution that involved the use of real logs of wood, lending the electrical fireplace a greater sense of authenticity and warmth. In the end, they created a comfortable and inviting living space that perfectly captured our client’s vision and exceeded their expectations.

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