Taking the use of Bamboo to inspiring heights- The Son La Restaurant in Vietnam by Vo Trong Nghia Architects.

I am amazed by how the architects used bamboo for this project creatng a natural, traditional but very modern look. Most times we get comfortable and lost using regular materials that we hardly think of using an alternative that will be more suitable to our project, like the ‘Son La restaurant’ designed by architects Vo Trong Nghia. Designed by Vo Trong Nghia, the restaurant, located in Son La Province (a region with mountains and untouched forests) is the first part of a new hotel complex designed to seat up to 750 guests. Due to its location, the site is only accessed via a 7-hours road trip along dangerous cliffs, as such the architects opted to use locally available bamboo and stone to finish the design. The project is made of eight seperate buildings united by the striking open air bamboo hall. The buildings constructed with stone provide a number of entry points into the bamboo hall.
The roof of the bamboo hall is made of a local bamboo, ‘luong’ that is capable of growing up to 8m in height. The hall is supported by 96 columns with each column consisting of four clustered vertical shoots, living up to its vision of an indoor forest.
“Shear loads induced on the structure are braced by ten layer crossed bamboo beams that are connected to the stone framework.”










Credit; Design Boom


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