Take a Tour of Africa’s First-Ever Google Developers Space in Lagos by Space Finish

Global technology firm, Google, worked with Spacefinish to design and build its first-ever Developer Space in Africa.

The Google Developer Space is a hub for African developers, entrepreneurs, and startups from 17 African countries, namely: Algeria, Botswana, Cameroon, Côte D’Ivoire, Egypt, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Morocco, Nigeria, Rwanda, Senegal, South Africa, Tanzania, Tunisia, Uganda, and Zimbabwe. Even though this space is located in Lagos, Nigeria, we designed it to feel like home for all of Africa. The goal of the space is to inspire entrepreneurs, software developers and enthusiasts all over the continents by portraying the captivating journey of technology in Africa and where this journey could take the world; a journey of Africa through the lens of Technology.

“From the parametric tube which is strategically located at the entrance of the space to the training room with its motherboard wall and collapsible glass walls, the Google Developers Space was created by our design team to represent the integral role technology plays in driving Africa forward.”

By engaging in rigorous research, Spacefinish was able to create a space that not only fits how users of the space work, but also reflect Google’s ideals as a leading global technology firm. Below are some of the design elements that make up the space.

The Light Box

The Light Box, a floating structure is a standout feature inspiring startups to think outside the box. It is elevated to reflect the high hopes for the future of Africa. It also doubles as a meeting/collaboration space and a projection frame for presentations.

The Parametric Tube

The Parametric Tube leads to the entrance of the Google Developer Space and features 26 unique frames, about 180m of LED strip light.

Addis Cafe

Drawing inspiration from the discovery of coffee as an energizer in Ethiopia, we introduced coffee beans glued inside table tops with protective glass covering. To represent where it all began and how intentional steps taken in ideation can become a global phenomenon, we also incorporated a back-lit map of Africa in the Addis Cafe.

Training Room

The training room depicts technology as the turning wheel of African e-commerce. The prominent motherboard wall was created by the design team to represent the integral role technology plays in driving Africa forward.The space also features fully collapsible glass walls, to offer the options of closed training or open training sessions.

Mentor’s Lounge

With the Mentors Lounge in the Google Developers Space, we take users on a nostalgic journey through the evolution of transactions in Africa by paying homage to the trajectory of exchange from the cultural (cowries) to the colonial (Coins). We created a wall of metallic coins and a chandelier that takes its form from cowry shells.

Googlers Space

Tiered Work Lounge

Meeting Rooms

Work Spaces

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