Step Inside the Nestle Industrial Complex Canteen designed by Scaach

Project Details
  • Name Of Project: The Nestle Canteen – Ota Dc
  • Project Budget: Confidential
  • Location Of Project: Ota, Ogun State, Nigeria
  • Design Firm: Scaach
  • Firm’s Link: Www.Instagram.Com/Scaachgroup
  • Building Footprint: 300sqm

In the heart of Nestle’s bustling industrial complex, where the relentless rhythm of machinery met the enduring determination of the workers, a transformation was underway. The vision was clear – to create a canteen that transcended its mere functional purpose and became a sanctuary of respite, a haven of beauty amidst the concrete and steel. This was not just a renovation; it was a narrative unfolding.

The architectural approach danced on the fine line between form and function. Tyrolean, a self cleansing material, was chosen for the external finishes, not merely for its practicality but as a symbol of Nestle’s enduring commitment to cleanliness and aesthetics. Each textured surface whispered tales of raindrops gently cascading and washing away impurities, leaving behind a pristine canvas. As daylight kissed the façade, Tex-coat paint revealed its magic. It wasn’t merely paint; it was an enchanting cloak that adorned the walls, both inside and out. The Satin finish, chosen for its’ ease of cleaning and maintenance, seemed to breathe life into the canteen. It became a canvas for the play of shadows and light, a tapestry of ever-evolving moods.


Step inside, and you’d find yourself cocooned in the warmth of nature’s embrace. The mahogany wood, with its’ soft, inviting hues, wasn’t just a design choice; it was an invitation to connect with the external surroundings. It was the whisper of the woods, the rustle of leaves, an ode to the sanctuary of nature beyond the factory walls. And then, there were the planters. Not just receptacles for greenery, but vessels of life itself.

They breathed tranquility into the space, a gentle reminder of the natural world that existed beyond the factory’s confines. The canteen became a green oasis amidst the concrete desert. The furniture, framed in pure steel, bore the marks of functionality, a testament to the high traffic flow of the factory users. But they were more than just chairs and tables; they were the guardians of shared moments, the witnesses to countless conversations, and the sturdy companions of daily routines.


The Corian marble tabletops, with their luxurious demeanor, whispered tales of opulence. They were not just surfaces for meals; they were the embodiment of a commitment to quality and indulgence. They glistened, inviting users to pause, savor, and appreciate the finer things in life. In the canteen’s design, light was not just an afterthought; it was a vital character in the narrative. Natural and artificial light waltzed in harmony. Sunlight streamed through large windows, casting intricate patterns on the Spanish porcelain floor tiles. These tiles, with their soft and warm colors, added depth and dimension to the space, inviting users to explore its vastness.

Artificial lighting, meticulously designed, accentuated the canteen’s every detail. It wasn’t just about illumination; it was about sculping the ambiance, adding brighter tones to the tale, and making the space come alive, even a􀅌er the sun had set. The grand finale of this narrative was the wash basins. Table-mounted like precious artifacts, they were controlled by sensor taps, a nod to modernity and efficiency. They weren’t just utilities; they were the symbols of a visionary’s dream realized.


The vision was simple but profound: to create a world-class canteen that transcended the ordinary. It was a place where the factory workers found solace, where they dined amidst elegance, and where every detail whispered stories of commitment, artistry, and enduring quality.

In the end, it wasn’t just a canteen; it was an epic tale of design and construction, a sanctuary where function met aesthetics, and where the ordinary became extraordinary. It was a testament to the belief that even in the heart of industry, beauty could bloom, and a respite could become a masterpiece.

However, The Challenges Faced and Triumph Overcome:

The industrial complex was a beehive of activity. Coordinating construction amidst the ongoing operations of the factory was a Herculean task. The team had to meticulously plan construction phases, working closely with factory managers to ensure minimal disruption. This required agile scheduling and sometimes even overtime construction to avoid hindering the daily workflow.

Incorporating sensor technology and ensuring seamless cable management posed technical challenges. The precise installation of sensor taps and lights demanded expertise in plumbing and electronics. Similarly, the cable trays for PVC cables had to be installed with utmost precision to ensure safety and easy maintenance.

Sourcing the ideal materials, such as Corian marble and specific finishes, posed a challenge. Some materials had long lead times, which risked delaying the project. The team navigated this hurdle by establishing a robust supply chain, researching alternative materials with shorter lead times, and keeping a constant line of communication open with suppliers to expedite deliveries.

As with any intricate project, design revisions and adjustments were necessary. The challenge was to incorporate changes while maintaining the project 􀆟meline. The team responded with agility, relying on clear communication channels to address revisions promptly and efficiently.

In the end, these challenges, though daunting, served as steppingstones rather than stumbling blocks. The project team’s resilience, innovation, and determination to create something truly exceptional allowed them to navigate these hurdles successfully. Through their collaborative efforts and unwavering commitment to the canteen’s vision, they transformed challenges into opportunities for excellence, delivering a world-class canteen that stands as a testament to their collective achievement.

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