Before And After – An Oceanview Loft Apartment Renovation In Capetown, South Africa

Embark on a journey through the renovated space of a loft apartment with an ocean view in La Corniche, Clifton, meticulously crafted by Studio BHD. With a budget of R3,500,000, the project aimed to maximize space utilization while infusing the interior with light color materials and minimalistic furniture, creating an atmosphere of openness and tranquility.

The essence of the renovation project revolves around the concept of openness, achieved through the strategic use of screening instead of solid walls. By seamlessly blending each space into the next, the design detail allows for a sense of continuity and flow, enhancing the perceived spaciousness of the apartment.

Living area in Beach-Facing Loft Apartment in Clifton by Bryce Henderson Design

Photographed by the talented South African photographer, Paris Brummer, the loft apartment showcases a harmonious interplay of design elements. Timber cladding serves as a feature detailing, adding visual interest and movement throughout the space. Custom vanities, statement furniture pieces including a bold white floor lamp, and meticulous attention to detail further contribute to the cohesive aesthetic of the loft apartment.

Double-volume space in ocean view loft apartment.
View from mezzanine floor in loft apartment renovation.

Vertical lines emphasize the height of the space, drawing the eye upward towards the wood panel ceiling. Mirrors strategically placed within the interior amplify the sense of expansiveness, reflecting the surrounding landscape and infusing the space with a serene ambiance. Inspired by the tranquil hues of the surrounding landscape, the interior palette features calm neutral colors and layered textures, evoking a sense of harmony and sophistication.

Wicker cabinet in kitchen by stairway in loft apartment in Clifton.
Wicker cabinet in open kitchen with inner lights by staircase.
Living area and dining area view showing wooden arm chair and cork sidetable.
Wooden arm chair paired with cork side-table in living room.
View of beach side from living area.
Statement floor lamp by two-seater sofa in living area.
Open kitchen area in loft apartment renovation with screened stairway.
Floor to ceiling screen along staircase area for an added level of privacy.
Living area with wall hung fish sculptures.
LED spotlights highlighting wall-hung fish sculptures.

To maximize the compact space without compromising on the breathtaking views, the primary suite utilizes automated linen curtains. These curtains offer privacy when desired while still allowing occupants to savor the mesmerizing ocean views. The curtains also allow daylight to collaborate with the general lighting from the LED spotlights to illuminate the space appropriately and evenly. This loft apartment with an ocean view by Studio BHD seamlessly blends luxury, comfort, and practicality.

Open kitchen in loft apartment design.
Open kitchen with white island and incorporated seating.
View of the sleeping area from level below in loft apartment design.
Cohesively fitted out kitchen with wicker cabinet as a focal point.
Sleeping area with view of the beach side in loft apartment design.
Bathroom in loft apartment renovation in Clifton.
Sleeping area with view of the beach side in loft apartment design.
Bedroom with ample view of the ocean.
Sleeping area with view of the beach side in loft apartment design.
Custom vanity in bathroom.
Custom vanity in bathroom of loft apartment.

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