Before & After: A Modern Home Renovation In Cape Town With Cultural Preservation

  • Designer: Curacion Properties
  • Project Type: Residential
  • Project Status: Completed
  • Art: Kasia Stefanczyk
  • Photography: Niel Vos
  • Location: Bo-Kaap, Cape Town

Located in Cape Town’s bustling Bo-Kaap neighbourhood, Chiappini House stands as a testament to architectural craftsmanship and cultural preservation. Renovated by Curacion Properties under the guidance of interior architect Dylan Thomaz, the modern home renovation seamlessly blends tradition and modernity. Let’s explore the transformation that retained the historical charm of the exterior while introducing contemporary luxury within.

The renovation of the Chiappini House pays homage to Bo-Kaap’s rich heritage by maintaining its traditional exterior aesthetics. Curacion Properties meticulously added a level to the existing structure, staying true to its iconic architectural style. The elevation serves as a nod to the neighbourhood’s cultural legacy while embracing future possibilities.

Exterior View of the Chiappini House

Upon entering Chiappini House, visitors encounter a harmonious fusion of modern comfort and timeless elegance. The interior design, led by Dylan Thomaz, skillfully combines classic and contemporary elements. The open-plan layout creates a spacious and inviting atmosphere suitable for both family living and entertaining.

The lower level of Chiappini House features three bedrooms tailored for everyday living. A central open courtyard connects the living spaces and fills the interior with natural light, ensuring comfort and functionality are seamlessly integrated into the home’s design.

Ascending to the second level reveals the epitome of modern luxury. Here, a fourth bedroom or office space awaits, alongside an expansive open-plan kitchen, lounge, and dining area. A spacious balcony offers breathtaking views, providing an ideal setting for gatherings and leisurely moments.

Stairway with modern rectangular balustrade.
Stairway showing modern steel balustrade.

Chiappini House’s interior is characterized by sophisticated textures and strategic contrasts. The juxtaposition of sleek black slate floors with classic-contemporary furnishings creates an appealing visual allure, enhancing the home’s unique charm and depth.

Curacion Properties’ renovation of Chiappini House showcases a remarkable fusion of tradition and innovation. By preserving the exterior’s heritage while embracing modernity within, the project celebrates Bo-Kaap’s cultural richness. Through collaborative efforts, Chiappini House serves as a timeless representation of tradition, innovation, and the vibrant spirit of Cape Town.

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