Kobo360 Head Office in Lagos by Innovate Concepts Features a ‘Highway’ and Clever ‘Road signs’

Innovate Concepts has completed an office space renovation completed for Kobo360, a trucking logistics company situated in Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria.

The design scheme draws inspiration from the ‘language’ of the expressways, roads and transportation iconography. This shows up in the most prominent feature of the scheme which is the ‘highway’ spine that connects the different functional spaces on the floor. Elements like traffic signs and road demarcations are cleverly infused into the space. 

  • Kobo360 Office_Innovative Concepts_concept 1
  • Kobo360 Office_Innovative Concepts_floorplan
  • Kobo360 Office_Innovative Concepts_render 1
  • Kobo360 Office_Innovative Concepts_render 2
  • Kobo360 Office_Innovative Concepts_render 3

Kobo 360 aims to set itself apart by the use of innovation and technology.  The design of the spaces reflects this by utilizing cutting edge technology such as laser cutting and CNC routing for its ceiling design and furniture. The material palette of SPC flooring, Astroturf grass, tempered glass and insulated, sound-absorbing panel walls also echoes this sense of innovation.

The cultural and visual language of Lagos, was also highlighted through wall murals and art. This space layout enforces the company brand by fostering teamwork and communication with the use of open office spaces while still providing breakaway spaces for meetings and private discussions. A tight project deadline and a rapidly expanding workforce saw the deployment of new and fast construction methodologies which also influenced the previously highlighted material palette.

Kobo360 Office_Innovative Concepts_1
Kobo360 Office_Innovative Concepts_2
Kobo360 Office_Innovative Concepts_3
Kobo360 Office_Innovative Concepts_4
Kobo360 Office_Innovative Concepts_5
Kobo360 Office_Innovative Concepts_6
Kobo360 Office_Innovative Concepts_7
Kobo360 Office_Innovative Concepts_8
Kobo360 Office_Innovative Concepts_9
Kobo360 Office_Innovative Concepts_10

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