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Product Find – The not-so-regular Knot Cushions by Ragnheiður Ösp Sigurðardóttir

This is not just a product find, it is a product love. Icelandic designer,  Ragnheiður Ösp Sigurðardóttir, makes designing cushions very fun. She first designed the Notknot Knot Cushions in 2011 after her fascination with the process of knots and their uses which led her to study the scout, nautical and decorative knots. Following the ‘Notknot’ cushions, were the ‘Maybeknot’ knot cushions released in 2014, and now, the ‘knot cushion’. She played with different sizes of knots and explored alternative textures to achieve the dynamic form and 3-dimensional nature of the knot cushion.

(The Notknot and MaybeKnot knot Cushions)

twonotknots notknot

The new knot cushion, made it’s debut appearance at the recently concluded 2016 Stockholm Design Week as part of the newly launched 2016 collection of Design House Stockholm. The knot cushion is the first cushion that will be sold in the MoMA store. It is made by handstuffing machine-knitted Iceland wool, then knotted in specific patterns and tied firmly.

Speaking on the design, she says,

“I have always been attracted to strange and unique things, I try to create unusual designs; products that are unpredictable and that make people curious”.

knot cushions by Ragnheiður Ösp SigurðardóttirLooking at the cushions, there is no doubt they are outstanding and they do make one curious. The interesting geometric forms created from the knots combined with the texture of the wool gives them their very own unique aesthetic.

knot-cushions 3 knot-cushions 2Their solid colours and woven pattern balances each other and infuses the right amount of character into the space without being over the top. They look playful, fun, soft, cuddly, modern and stunning.The cushions make a case for intuitive design. They are contemporary decor pieces, unpredictable and inspiring. So, which one of these knot cushions is your favorite?


Source; Umemi, Contemporist, Dezeen

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