Inside Epic Tower: A Look at the New HQ of Andela Nigeria in Lagos by Space Finish

Medina Dugger

Andela is a global engineering organization that extends engineering teams with world-class software developers. Though the company is based in New York City, they have additional offices in Africa (Nigeria, Kenya) [via wikipedia]

At the start of the year, the Andela Nigeria corporate headquarters relocated from Yaba to a new office space in the former Akintola Williams building along Ikorodu Road, now dubbed by Andela as the EPIC Tower, an acronym of their core values – Excellence, Passion, Integrity and Collaboration. This new office space was designed by Lagos-based design company SpaceFinish. Their intent was to create an environment that truly inspired innovation and collaboration amongst the Andela team.

Spacefinish took the culture and work habits of software developers into consideration in their design, ensuring spaces were soundproof through their material selection, and also providing about 20​ soundproof meeting spaces. They were also able to ensure the developers were always within 3m of a writing surface, be it a white board or the laminated glass partition walls (infused with frosting) that act as whiteboards. This idea would encourage spontaneous meetings where a developer jots down ideas on the boards or walls and other team members notice and offer their input.

​The designers also highlighted some element of local culture within the design for the office. One of such is what they termed “A fisherman’s boat for developers”. The boat, which is the popular Makoko fihserman’s boat made from local wood planks and oak, also doubles as a couch for employees to sit, nap, or relax.

The design ideas and execution all come together very nicely, to create a welcoming and warm space that encourages creativity and innovation by being just that. If you’d like to view more images of the impressive new office, you should check out this feature by techpointng.

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