Eko Novo: Softcom Head Quarters in Lagos by Micdee Designs Blends Culture and Modern Design

Eko Novo is the recently completed Headquarters of Lagos based technology solutions company, Softcom.

Designed by budding architectural practice, Micdee Designs, the building wears a modern aesthetic with clean lines and minimalist elements. This minimalism extends to the materiality of the building’s facade which interplays with textured and plain surfaces. On the inside, colour replaces texture in this interplay, serving as accents and on paintings as well as locally inspired murals. Custom furniture and lighting pieces also lend a sense of indigenous character to the otherwise corporate spaces.

Project Description

When Softcom asked Micdee to create its new HQ, an opportunity presented itself; one that promised an avenue to birth an office model that communicated the value system of one of Nigeria’s fastest-growing tech firms. Softcom envisioned a new HQ that would speak to its people and clients alike and our goal was to create an innovative work environment that stimulated excellent output from her team and communicates its commitment to consistently offering expansive values to organizations.

Our design team saw value in the building’s envelope possessing a timeless feature; akin to an artist’s blank canvas that offers the surrounding landscape and beaming interiors opportunity to flourish; hence the use of neutral hues and textured finishes. The almost predictable nature of the facade echoes a calming mental simulation that resonates with the lush greenery that adorns the compound. It also inspires an open embrace that will always welcome Softcom’s staff and visitors to Eko Novo.

Studies have shown that one of the most significant factors for efficiency is the immediate environment. This is facilitated by the design of effective workspaces that not only take into consideration the occupants of a space but also the expectations of the space. Having evaluated the nature of work that takes place at Softcom, we designed an office space suited to their culture; promoting collaborations and communalism in their workspaces. Using grounded principles on lighting, ergonomics and colour psychology, we created an office space unique to Softcom and one its people and clients can relate to.

As a design consideration, we decided to capture the essence of Softcom; which itself is a manifestation of the identity of Africa and its people. This essence was infused into the office; expressed as paintings, crafts and murals. Recognizable artefacts such as the Eyo masquerades, the infamous yellow “Danfo” buses or the journey of the palm wine tapper to his plantation are the expressions that adorn the walls of Eko Novo.  The idea was to bring together the distinct identities in a locale in a tasteful combination akin to an experience hub.

Project Details

Project Information

  • Project Name: Softcom HQ – Eko Novo
  • Architecture Firm: Micdee Designs
  • Office Website: micdeedesigns.com
  • Contact Email: michael@micdee-designs.com
  • Completion Year: 2019
  • Built Area: 1768 sqm
  • Project Location: 15b Sasegbon street, Ikeja GRA, Lagos, Nigeria
  • Photographs: Rubys Polaroid, Concepticon Designs

Technical Information

  • Micdee Designs’ Team: Michael Awonowo, Mojisola Ajayi, Affia Ido, Anthonia Joseph, Oladapo Mustapha, Tobi Oyelola
  • General Contractor: Azbell Nigeria
  • Finishing Contractor: Micdee Designs
  • MEP Engineer: Tinko Engineering
  • Furniture Dealer: Lifemate
  • Custom Furniture: Taeillo

Manufacturers and Products

  • Curtain Walls & Glass Doors: NFO Glass,
  • Lighting Fixtures: Precise Lighting
  • Automation: Hausba
  • SPC Flooring: Floorkraft
  • Alternative Power: Forte Oil

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