Executive office in Bespoke Woodwork by Trustwood Nigeria
Executive Office.

Inside Craneburg Head Office Featuring Modern Bespoke Woodwork by Trustwood Nigeria

  • Interior Design: Highly Creative Minds
  • Woodwork: Trustwood Nigeria
  • Project Type: Office
  • Project Status: Completed
  • Photography: Trustwood Nigeria
  • Location: Lagos, Nigeria

Trustwood Nigeria, a Woodwork and furniture manufacturer based in Ibadan, Nigeria, produced and installed bespoke woodwork for the interior design of the Craneburg Construction head office in Lagos.

Designed by London-based Architects and Designers, Highly Creative Minds, the simple and functional spaces benefitted from the modern and stylish pieces of furniture and woodwork. The minimalistic design of the Craneburg Construction Head Office is characterized by its simplicity, lack of excessive ornamentation, and a neutral color scheme. The understated elegance of the interior design makes it a perfect reflection of the company’s professionalism and commitment to quality.

Trustwood Nigeria’s expertise is evident in several spaces within the office, including the reception, kitchenette, private offices, and conference rooms. The bespoke woodwork played a crucial role in shaping the workspace to meet the company’s functional and aesthetic requirements.

Exterior view of Craneburg Construction Head Office
Craneburgs’s Head Office in Lagos.

One remarkable piece produced and installed by the woodwork specialists is the black bespoke office cupboard situated in the executive office. This unique cupboard is crafted from matte-coated perforated steel and features a marble top, combining durability with an elegant aesthetic.

Another notable piece of bespoke woodwork by Trustwood Nigeria is the 12-seater boardroom table with a flayed black top and three blue cylindrical legs. This table not only serves as a functional centerpiece for important meetings but also adds a touch of modern design to the space.

One of the standout features of the Craneburg Construction Head Office’s design is the vertically louvered wall cladding in the reception area. Trustwood Nigeria manufactured these claddings in black and white, with concealed backlighting to provide the desired illumination. The meticulous execution of this bespoke woodwork adds a captivating visual appeal to the office’s entrance.

The full-length flush-fitted doors installed in various areas of the office, each done in different colors and materials, including glass, exemplify Trustwood Nigeria’s versatility. These doors are not merely functional; they also contribute to the overall design scheme. In the executive office, one door system was even integrated into the wall cladding to achieve a clean and uninterrupted flow of materials.

Additional elements deserving of mention in this bespoke woodwork production include the executive office desk, thoughtfully designed to complement the steel office cupboard’s vibe and the TV walls. In the conference rooms and offices, the television walls seamlessly blend with the surrounding design, offering the necessary technology for presentations and meetings while maintaining a clean and cohesive design.

In conclusion, the Craneburg Construction Head Office project in Lagos is an example of how properly crafted bespoke woodwork and furniture can transform a workspace.

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