Wood clad Bungalows in Israel by Ron Shenkin Studio

A blissful, cute ‘summer-cabin-style’ bungalow designed by Ron Shenkin Studio for holiday goers in Dor, Israel. The Bungalows form part of a larger complex which including gazebos, a swimming pool, gardens and walkpaths all close the sea.

The ‘sea facing’ bungalows have a unique aesthetic as they are covered with wooden beams which act as a pergola on top and cladding on their sides, all extending out ward to provide shade and a nice bit of dynamic geometry to it.

Here are some more details from the architects, A 1.2 meter high concrete platform was poured on site to make the base of the building. The construction of wooden walls were pre-fabricated in the factory and brought for assembly on site on the concrete surface. All the walls are plaster on the interior side with a high thermal insulation. The primary intention for the interior design was to create a home away from home, without taking it too seriously and feel comfortable to be yourself and just relax.

2 kind of models were designed, one, a family bungalow with a private bedroom, enclose bathroom and shower and an open space plan with a sofa bed. The second model, an open space plan were the center is the queen size bed and all the amenities such as the shower and tub are open to the space. All the bungalows have a well fitted kitchen, a hot tub, queen size bed, bathroom, standing shower, balcony with a sea view a sofa bed and t.v.



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