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Codekago Interactive Office in Uyo, Akwa Ibom by Aziza Design is crafted to be an immersive, modern workspace

Lagos-based Aziza design recently completed the Codekago workspace in Akwa-Ibom’s capital city, Uyo. The design sees brand elements of the Uyo-based digital firm come to life within the space creating a vibrant, colourful, yet restrained mix of style and function.


[via Aziza Design]
Arguably the coolest work space in South South Nigeria, we recently collaborated with Codekago Interactive, a digital outfit that is that is based in Uyo and focused on building global platforms driven by innovation to deliver a work space that cuts through the clutter and is set to change the way developers work. Codekago needed a space that would spur creativity, enable collaboration and spur innovation.

Part of what we did was to bring the brand elements to life within the space and making them functional; Icons become light fittings & shelves, window blinds became signs, glass walls became writing surfaces, coding terminologies became names of functional spaces and so on. The space has a mix of vibrant colors with subtle complements all drawn from the color palette of the brand. The result is an Interior space design that delivers a cohesive and immersive brand experience.


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