Classic Meets Modern: Luxury House by Ramon Garcia Jurado

This is perhaps the most special and important design project of Ramon Garcia Jurado’s life, his own luxury house. Perhaps because of his education as an architect and the love of collecting furniture, objects, and works of art, Jurado wanted his luxury house to be a little-decorated space, marked more by the presence of objects and works of art and the relationship between them.

For this, I wanted to create a very architectural space, clean and very economical in the use of materials. Thus, creating a neutral atmosphere, a silent stage was created so that all the pieces and elements interact with each other and shine in their maximum strength and visual power.

His obsession with possessing certain objects is closer to a feeling of love and empathy than to a simple aesthetic decision and good taste. Most of the objects that Ramon Garcia Jurado have, have not been searched for but have been appearing in diverse and unpredictable circumstances.

Neoclassicism in all its expressions and periods, from the end of the 18th century with the soberest pieces of the Louis XVI era, until the beginning of the 19th century with the resounding revolutionary periods represented by the Directorio and Consulado styles. This neoclassical fever also reappeared in the period between the wars (1930-1940) where the classic was brought to its most concise interpretation, which gave it an unusual power.

For this reason, I consider that the container I designed to live and house all these objects that are part of my life, is the best possible framework.

Luxury furniture and objects from these eras along with pieces of abstract art chosen by pure emotional intuition along with powerful tribal pieces, form his aesthetic universe. The over-scaled pieces have also been Jurado’s weakness, adding more tension when contrasted with spaces of more contemporary scale.

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