AN ELEGANT WARMTH: M11 House by A21Studio in HoChiMinh city, Vietnam

Yet another piece of lovely residential architecture coming out of Ho Chi Minh City designed by A21 Studio, called M11 house. The Building makes use of natural materials, like wood and stone, with ample daylighting and ventilation made possible by the small green courts that puncture the mass creating something that is beautiful and elegant, with a hint of tradition, much like the BQ-17 House in the same area.

The ‘self-contained’ nature of the design ensures the garden is seamlessly a part of the home, with large panes of clear glass as well as the different textures that characterise the exterior spaces, the concrete, grass and wood. This is a welcome departure from the Nigerian trend of paving an entire lot with interlocking stones. The integration of the trees and nature with the home is exemplary, creating an ambiance that is much more natural and warm.



the_ground_floor_plan the_second_floor_plan the_third_floor_plan the_roof_plan section_17 elevation_8 5469exterior 5260dining_room_looking_to_the_garden 5618living_room 5510bedroom_on_the_ground_floor 5530back_garden 5600garage

That warmth is further fostered by the use of flute wood, which is both beautiful and practical. The screens, steps, floors, cabinetry and ceilings all carry this material and create a beautiful, softening contrast with the concrete, glass and white within the building. Another element that catches the eye is the absence of traditional tiling and fixtures in the bathrooms. These wet areas take a much more traditional approach using concrete, wood and bamboo, with nature within reach that evokes a sense of bathing outdoors as opposed to the more contemporary aesthetic that is more typical. Thats one part of the home that I absolutely love.

All of this architectural brilliance was completed in 3 years, with final result being a home that is truly tropical and beautiful.

5393kitchen 5200stair_looking_up 5257stair 5403stair_to_family_room 5304reading_room_as_the_gym 5361child_room 5380family_room 5371family_room 5443master_bedroom 5428toilet_in_the_master_bedroom 5423toilet_on_the_second_floor 5277living_room 5571ceiling_of_the_third_floor 5629bedroom_on_the_ground_floor 5634tolet_in_the_bedroom_on_the_ground_floor 5680stair 9232back_garden 9215living_room 9187living_room 9138rock_garden_on_the_third_floor 5660exterior


[via archello]


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