Alina Sulina Design Introduce Colour and Clever Design To A Studio Apartment on a Tight Budget

Located in the center of the Russian city Voronezh, this 33sqm studio apartment was designed by Alina Sulina Design with the goal of making it a hotel-like space where a person can rent or let for a few days.

The budget and deadlines were extreme, with only 2 months for execution and a budget of just RUB 1, 000, 000 (a little over N6 500 000 or $14, 400). This limited budget became a key point for introducing color as a tool for design solutions.

To minimize costs they got creative. The wardrobe was made from ready-made shutters that were simply painted and put them on a rail system. The kitchen countertop was made from plywood with mosaic tiles installed on it. (The excess mosaic was used on the bedside table) The headboard was also made from plywood sliced in a hardware store and painted on site.

The apartment was finished on time but ironically, it never got the chance to get on the property market as the student daughter of the clients loved it so much and decided to live their herself.

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