A Path To Learning: A Kindergarten in Cerkvenjak, Slovenia by Superform

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The importance of Education cannot be overemphasized, most especially from an early enough age. In this day and age, with all the advances, leaps and bounds that man is making, the right kind of Education is key in securing some semblance of a chance at survival.

Both formal Education and informal Education play vital roles in ensuring this survival. Where this education takes place is equally as important as the process itself. From sitting in the classroom to being out in the woods for survival training, I’m an advocate for learning in every possible way, also in the most conducive of environments. That is why it gives me great pleasure to share with you this Kindergarten design in Slovenia by Superform.

As I said before, Education should commence at the earliest possible age, and what better way to Christen one’s sojourn of knowledge, than through such a thoughfully designed, and holistically inspired piece of architecture. Nestled in a village called Cerkvenjak, this kindergarten is reminiscent of what is referred to as a ‘learning path’ and actually originated from the learning path of Klopotec, that runs nearby. The structure sits “inseparably connected” with the surrounding nature and trees. To create a sense of home, the structure of the kindergarten also does not surpass the scale of an individual house within its locale, thereby mimicking the surrounding aesthetic that is evident in the rhythmic geometry of volumes and pitched roofs.

Superform arhitekti Kindergarten Cerkvenjak 2015

Superform arhitekti Kindergarten Cerkvenjak 2015

All of this culminates in, what is now, a new upgraded branch of the aforementioned Klopotec learning path. Covering about 780sq m, the resultant form and shape of the layout offers a uniquely divided yet connected row of playrooms and functional spaces, each offering a rich experience for the children privileged to learn within (and outside) its ‘walls’, starting them along their lifelong path in learning.



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