A Built-In Bedroom: Multifunctional Bed and Storage by INT2architecture

Russian design firm INT2architecture, deliver yet another dose of brilliance in this interior design project. Its a contemporary bedroom, that features a built-in bed with unreal amounts of storage, and, wait for it……. a screen projector.

Its comfortable, stylish and superbly functional, transforming what was typically a room with your basic freestanding furniture (wardrobe, bookcase, desk, bed etc), into one holistic piece of multi-functional furniture. This ‘box’ as it were, combines a wardrobe, a number of storage drawers, bookshelves, and a space for sleeping (bed/sofa) into one compact system that takes up half of the room. The other, opposite half has just a nice desk and chair with a multi-functional surface on the wall. The surface makes use of a sliding panel that acts as a mirror, black board/organiser, and screen for the aforementioned projector. I wonder if this idea was inspired by Cubitat from Luca Nichetto, just a thought.

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[via contemporist]

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