The VO3 Playground Collection Seeks to Encourage Outdoor Activities

The VO3 Playground collection is the latest addition to the wide range of products VO3 Designs has to offer. The objective of this collection is to spread the message of outdoor living to the younger generation.

VO3 Designs is a furniture and design company founded by Bukola Bimbo-Obafunwa with a stellar track record of creating unique outdoor and indoor furniture and accessories while bearing sustainability in mind. As a brand, VO3 Designs have been strong advocates of spending time outdoors through the years. This is evident in their impressive portfolio which consists of pergolas, cabanas, and a host of other outdoor furniture and structures.

Spending time outdoors is a simple activity that has tremendous benefits for people’s mental and physical wellbeing, especially during developmental years. This was the major inspiration behind the creation of this collection.

The items included in this collection are made primarily from locally sourced hardwood, with many of the members being reclaimed pieces to emphasize the brand’s eco-consciousness. This helps to reduce importation and encourage local production. Although the items are predominantly wooden, they also contain accessories made from more flexible materials such as high-density plastic to enhance the children’s imaginative experience.

The VO3 Playground Collection is built to last. By incorporating quality, traditional craftsmanship, as well as precision machining, our entire range perfectly complements any outdoor location and is made at the highest safety standards to ensure longevity and durability. The entire collection is built locally with on the the non-wooden accessories being outsourced.

So far, the VO3 Playground Collection has attracted customer interests in the forms of beach houses and public parks. These products would be perfect for play areas, schools, Residential estate play areas, and any space where children have supervised access to spending time outdoors.

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