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The 2018 MPavilion by Carme Pinós Is Inspired by the Art of Origami

The MPavilion is a temporary summer structure that has been erected annually since 2014 in Melbourne, Australia.

It is described as “an enduring architectural creation”, commissioned and initiated by the Naomi Milgrom foundation with support from the city of Melbourne. The 2018 pavilion designed by Barcelona-based architect Carme Pinós, celebrates ‘building communities and women in leadership’. It draws inspiration from the art form of Origami; creating a structure that opens its wings out to welcome the city.

The design features three circular mounds that hold a range of seating options and intersect with the geometric composition of the pavilion to form the structure roof. The overall structure creates a new experience, allowing easy movement as well as sitting and engaging with others. The pavilion also featues a foldable birch plywood stool, complementing the structure’s style while functioning as seats for visitors.

In designing the 2018 MPavilion, I wanted first to make a space for the people of Melbourne to feel connected — to each other, to the city they live in, and to nature….We are all part of the world, and architecture can tell that story and provide a place for us to experience life together. I hope the MPavilion becomes a flow of knowledge and creativity this summer.”

Carme Pinós

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