Scott Lewis Version of a Green Garden in a San Francisco Backyard

Here is a beautiful green garden created by landscape architect Scott Lewis of Scott Lewis Landscape Architecture. I fell in love with it immediately I saw it because it was predominantly green, and totally charming.

Most gardens have a number of varied colours added to it so it looks beautiful and colourful. This looks green, rich and beautifulll! I could go on and on. It makes you appreciate green plants even more. The idea was to create a “green cube at the back of the garden”, which turned out perfectly. The success of the design won the project a national honor award from the American Society of Landscape architects in 2010.






The views to the garden are perfect, and his design successfully brings the outside in and effortlessly links them together. I would love to describe the project in great details, but Gardenista did a pretty good job at that. Follow the Gardenista link to see more images and views of the garden, the before and after picture, his design on plan view and how he made the garden feel wider, his choice of plants and how he created the green cube. Totally brilliant. Enjoy!

Source; Gardenista.

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