Basking in the Backyard: The Vertical Patio by Pique Architecture

Proper Patios and Backyards are a rarity in Nigeria. In most cases, backyards are used for Garbage and airing clothes, largely due to space related problems.

Most designers/architects are ‘forced’ by clients to ‘capitalise’ on any and every available space, cutting into the officially stipulated setback of 3m and creating ‘dark’ ‘humid’ alleys along the edges of a site. No breathing space for the building. Sigh.

However, fret not. Heres a smart approach to delivering a viable backyard and saving much needed space.
Its called the Vertical Patio and is designed by Pique Architecture. The patio employs a hide-away system that is practical and unique. It incorporates features (not common to us Naija folks) such as a Grill, Hot tub, Changing Room, Dining Table, Bar with seating and  Reading Area. All of these and the design still keeps things as open and uncluttered as possible.
The use of ‘Sauna-like’ wood adds a certain luxurious character to the structure, creating a nice and easy retreat right in your backyard, without too much effort.

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