A Refreshing Tropical Patio Remodeling Project in Lagos by Design Aid

“Natural and Green” is how Design Aid describe their Patio remodeling project in Lagos, which saw a previously empty, seemingly unused outdoor space converted to a lush patio that can accommodate both relaxation and dining.

The patio remodeling introduces much needed plants to the outdoor space. A row of planter boxes as well as a steel mesh screen upon which vines of boungavillea are intended to attach. The glass railings have also been replaced with a black steel and wood alternative which fits better with the new aesthetic.

A focal point for the patio remodeling is the feature wall cladded in bamboo as well as the steel and bamboo canopy overhead. This provides shade and ambience for the wood dining set below. The set features two wood benches topped with colourful circular seat cushions and a wood table. The table is decorated with what seems to be a bonsai tree in a white pot. A wood outdoor seating set with a similar aesthetic sits across from the dining set with the same colour and style of seat cushions.

The patio remodeling offers a refreshing revitalization of a previously unused large outdoor space, making it not just functional but inviting to experience.

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