This Wooden Pavilion Provides a Fun Filled Family Outdoor Space in the Backyard

A modern pavilion built to take advantage of the outdoor ambiance in a crowded residential neighborhood. The private space allows residents and their guests enjoy activities outside soaking in the sun and appreciating the surrounding nature.

The simple, yet dynamic structure, comprises a wooden deck and wall which acts a screen from the neighbouring property rising up to a simple gable roof that begins to slant as it slopes down to the opposite side where it meets two steel pillars. This quasi rectangular foorprint of the roof allows the pavilion have a totally open corner for users to enjoy the sun without any shade. And speaking of  shade, the insulated roof and wall, not only provide shade, but, they also shield effectively from rain.The rectangular brick fireplace also doubles as a barbeque for those summer time cook outs. A bit of simple seating with a round table helps complete the dining experience, while the ping-pong table provides sport and entertainment with seating also for an audience. The piece de resistance for me in this design is the wooden swing hanging of the wooden roof rafter beside the matching blue sun chairs which embrace the moderate shrub growing forth from the raised wooden deck.

Imaginative and very inviting.

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