Distressed Metal Pencil Holder By Marizu Onwu


Nigerian born Marizu Onwu currently studying architecture in the University of Edinburgh, designed a simple pencil holder from some leftover metal off-cuts from one of his previous projects.

The pencil holder possesses a natural distressed look of unpolished metal, giving it a peculiar rustic aesthetic. According to him, the product is able to function not only as a pencil holder, but also as a paper weight or card holder. Here’s a description from Marizu,

“While working on one of my projects in the second year of my architecture course I found myself left with a good amount of metal off cuts, but I couldn’t let them go to waste. The idea came to me in a few minutes, I marked out the lengths and then went into the workshop to cut and shave the pieces down to the right sizes, after which I had them welded together.

The finished product possesses a very raw and rough aesthetic, with the spots of ‘silver’ around its edges where the weld material was shaved off and the imperfections in its geometry. Some of the parts where a bit too much metal was shaved off ended up rusting due to the humidity in Nigeria, creating a protective layer.

The object not only functions as a pencil holder but can also be used as a paper weight or a card holder as well, perfect for the office desk.”

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