Design element in Mitsubishi head office mimicking style and shape of logo.

Discover How Collaborative Furniture Brilliantly Stands Out In Mitsubishi’s Japandi-Style Head Office In South Africa

Design Partnership, a multi-national architectural design firm, has transformed Mitsubishi South Africa’s new office space with functional collaborative furniture. This design seamlessly blends Japanese heritage with South African vibrancy, subtly incorporating the iconic Mitsubishi logo throughout the space.

The office features collaborative furniture, ensuring teamwork and creativity thrive in dedicated collaboration spots, reducing distractions in open-plan areas. Warm timber hues, greenery, and organic furniture create a calm, natural environment, enhancing employee well-being.

Collaborative furniture in an office space with chalice stools.

Locally handcrafted furniture and fittings celebrate South Africa’s diverse culture, adding pops of color and unique design elements to the dynamic workspace. You can read more about the design on Design Partnership’s website here.

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