UCA Unveil Renders for Jahi Lofts Residential Development

Lagos-based UCA, recently unveiled renders for Jahi Lofts, a residential development in Abuja.

Situated on prime real estate, within the Jabi Municipality in the Federal Capital Territory, Jahi Lofts is planned with a distintive geometric layout. The development features loft-style residences characterized by floor-to-ceiling windows and generous terraces offering views of the surrounding vista.

Project Description

The U-shaped building is designed to take full advantage of the site by ensuring every apartment enjoys view of the distant ranging hills – made possible with shaded large glazed areas and zigzagging terraces across all floors.

With all the units under one roof, the façades appear homogeneous but the development offers four prototypes of different configurations to ensure complexity and varying experience inside each unit. These variations give a strong sense of place amongst occupants.

One of the strongest aspects of this scheme is it’s sustainable features and energy efficiency. Smart lighting, natural ventilation & lighting, solar panels, insulated cavity walls, sun screens are some of the elements incorporated into the design in response to the growing global environmental challenges. The features keep the running and maintenance cost low; and essentially saving up to 25-30% in energy cost.

Renders by n2qstudio courtesy UCA Architects
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