Two in One: Double House in Russia by Bokarev Architects

The “Double House”, designed by Bokarev Architects in the Russian city of Tyumen, is an effective use of 600sqm of land to create a set of twin 2 bedroom duplexes each with its own parking space (for 2 cars) and a large shared backyard lawn.

Each block covers about 97 sqm accommodating three to four people. With parking on the side of each block, the main entrance is situated here allowing the residents enter the home more or less at the  central core. On the ground floor, the Living/Dining, Kitchen, are at the rear of the house offering views of the backyard lawn, while the front of the house is where you find an office (which could double as a guest room), storage room and bathroom. The first floor holds 2 fairly large bedrooms, one for the master and another that can cater to 2 sets of bunk beds, as well as an equally large bathroom.

Site_plan Floor_Plan_copy Floor_Plan Section_1-1 Facade_copy Facade visual_project

Most prominent about this project is the dark grey aluminium sheets that make up the roof and attach seamlessly to the side facades (a detail specifically designed for this project). The side facades which carry no windows to allow for privacy due to the close proximity of neighboring buildings, which makes the dark grey all the more prominent offering a bold monolithic appearance that is emphasized by the geometric form of the design and contrasted by the pale wood and white panelling of the approach and rear facades.

The thick outer walls clad with the white composite panels aid in concealing all the external utility and what not, such as the outdoor units of the air conditioners, or the downpipes running from the roof, while offering some degree of shading for the adjacent fenestration.

Its an interesting concept that is simple and effective, responding to both the climate and the site and fairly easy to build seeing as it took only 10 months from start to completion.

isometry21_roof_detail_project 22_roof_detail_model

Under_Construction 09_Situation05 04_South_facade 08_detail 07_main_entrance 06_main_entrance23_roof_detail_done 02_South_facade portada_03_South_facade 01_South_facade

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