This Family House In Sevilla is Made Of Recycled Shipping Containers

Alejandro Martín Torrente @alemartintorrente
Juanca Lagares @juancalagares.
Direction of works execution
José Carlos Claro Ponce
Structural calculation
Antonio Roig Vena
Bioclimatic consultancy
Cristina Alba Pérez-Rendón
Constructed area

Designed by Alejandro Martin Torrente Architects, this 4 bedroom family home in Alcalá de Guadaíra, Sevilla, Spain, was built using shipping containers. The containers were acquired prior to the design commencing so it became clear that adopting them for the project was the way to go.

The scheme makes use of 6 containers which accommodate 3 large bedrooms, a generous master suite and an open plan living area with dining and kitchen spaces. A design features a prominent 5m cantilever which hovers over the pool creating both drama and interest. A seventh container, serves as an apartment, or pool house of sorts. The composition is clad in reinforced cement panels to create a high-performance ventilated façade, while one of the doors from the shipping containers is used as the main entrance door.

Design Drawings and Scale Model

  • Container-Home_Sevilla_Martin-Torentte
  • Container-Home_Sevilla_Martin-Torentte
  • Container-Home_Sevilla_Martin-Torentte

Construction Images

Final Build (Interior and Exterior)

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