This Commercial Building in India Features a Facade of Concrete and Steel Fractals

Located within a growing Industrial area in India’s Sector 82 neighbourhood, this commercial building by Studio Ardete features a distinctive facade of concrete fractals and steel caged frames (with planters embedded therein) which serve to both shade the building and create interest as well as unique character.

The key design considerations where to maximise the given site area while keeping the cost low and creating a veritable landmark within the area. As such, the option to use concrete in a unique shape and form was the most attractive and the most practical- given that it would be the easiest to maintain. This approach seems to have paid off when considering the final cost of the project which comes to about $70 per sqm.

The facade does not hamper air flow or the penetration of natural light into the open floor plates of the building. It also doubles as a balcony and planter space wherein users of the building can step out to take coffee breaks and enjoy a bit of the outdoors.

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