Discover The Albion Domes: A 2 Hectare Innovative Dome Village In Mauritius

  • Construction: Mongelard Bernard, Jean-Philippe Brusselmans
  • Land size: 2 Hectares
  • No of Units: 19
  • Project Status: Completed | 2013
  • Location: Mauritus

Nestled on the elevated heights overlooking the picturesque West Coast and the north of Mauritius, the Albion Domes stand as a groundbreaking real estate project, offering 19 secure villas and a Wellness Center on a sprawling 2-hectare estate.

Dome-shaped houses are becoming more popular especially in the tropical clime most probably because they offer climate adaptability, structural resilience, energy efficiency, sustainability, cost-effective construction, and may align well with cultural aesthetics.

Situated just a quick 5-minute drive from beautiful beaches and Club Med “La Plantation” d’Albion, this unique development is all about blending with nature. Inspired by Mauritius’ diverse charm, it offers residents a mix of a laid-back, happy lifestyle and economic vibrancy. It’s a special project where nature meets modern living, creating an exclusive haven for those seeking a balanced and fulfilling life.

Perched above Albion village, these villas offer stunning views of the west coast and the north of the island. Embraced by the beauty of sugar cane fields and the deep blue ocean, this unique location creates a captivating backdrop. The Albion Domes stand out as the first-of-its-kind residential complex in Mauritius and the Indian Ocean.

With distinct architecture and an open living concept, each villa sits on a 300 square meter plot, providing a generous living space of 180 square meters. Private land extends to around 730 square meters, ensuring security and exclusivity through a 2.2-meter-high wall and a private electric entrance, overseen by a vigilant security guard at the single entrance gate.

The Albion Domes embrace sustainable development with an architectural design maximizing natural light utilization. A skylight at the dome’s pinnacle enhances natural ventilation and facilitates the evacuation of hot air. Constructed with shotcrete, known for its strength and insulating properties, the domes ensure energy efficiency. Each villa, with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, features an open living room leading to a spacious veranda, a master bedroom, an equipped kitchen, a laundry room, a carport, a private swimming pool, and a garden adorned with tropical plants.

With a focus on preserving the natural character of the site, cobblestone alleys wind through the Albion Domes, and electric cables are tucked underground. The villas boast a thoughtful interior layout, including an equipped kitchen and a first-floor open mezzanine leading to two bedrooms with fitted wardrobes, a shared bathroom, and a panoramic terrace offering a 360-degree view. The landscaping service ensures greenery abounds, with coconuts, palms, and seedlings planted in every garden.

The Albion Domes not only redefine luxury living in Mauritius but also introduce a holistic approach to community well-being with the Wellness Center. Comprising three interconnected smaller domes, this unique space offers fitness activities, a large pool for aqua aerobics, and a serene Zen corner with massage rooms, a hammam, and a sauna. With its innovative architecture, commitment to sustainability, and focus on creating a vibrant community, the Albion Domes emerge as an extraordinary residential oasis in the heart of paradise.

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