Rodrigo Kirck Architecture’s Sustainable Office/Workspace Model in Brazil Made from Shipping Containers

Designed by Rodrigo Kirck Architecture, as their own office and work space, “Container” repurposes shipping containers to create an unusual office typology that is big on sustainability and does well to echo the ethos of the architects that dwell therein.

The project “Container”, located in the port city of Itajaí (SC) aims to intervene on a conceptual model, interact with sustainability issues, propose an industrialized modular construction and at the same time make possible, through architecture and creativity, the approximation with the Nature and art.

The project has two monolithic warehouse volumes, each using two overlapping containers, by a zenith opening system that “distances” the volumes and houses the vertical circulations. This system is designed to reduce the use of artificial lighting. On the containers are installed two large garden roofs that fulfill several functions: reduce the impact of solar radiation, capture rainwater for reuse and be a reservoir of rainwater, reducing the impact on the public collection system. They also propose to neighbors as an “urban gentleness”, bringing colors and visual comfort to the residents of the neighboring buildings.

Container is a laboratory, so to speak. In this space full of meanings, were shared memories with a team of architects and add experiences with other creative professionals in design, photography and art through a Coworking. The result of this account is a true multiplication of inspirations translated into projects. Everything in the Container has a raison d’être, from the logo that mentions the architect’s indigenous origin, the affective ties that he maintains with the city of Itajaí and its connection with the naval industry, represented by the Container itself.

In the interior design, everything is very simple and at the same time of great refinement. Warmth, thermal comfort, visual and integration are priorities that receive special treatment through decoration. Luminaires with their own design, functional parts, recycled materials, colors in harmony and art, a lot of art printed in all environments. No paintings, the paintings are eternalized on the walls and doors, each work integrates the scenario that leaves no doubts: Container is a creative office and from it come different projects, out of the common place, where being is more important than having.

  • Architects: Rodrigo Kirck Arquitetura
  • Location: R. Tubarão, 182 – Fazenda, Itajaí – SC, 88301-470, Brasil
  • Area: 135.0 m2
  • Project Year: 2016
  • Photographs: Alexandre Zelinski
  • Manufacturers: Hunter Douglas Contract, Todeschini, Portobello, Tramontina, Eternit Perú, Mosarte
  • Team: Rodrigo Kirck, Syndi Bastos, Bruno Bianchini
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