Beveled Beauty: An Impressive and Dramatic Renovation in Thailand by IDIN Architects

This one of the most impressive and intriguing renovations I’ve ever had the pleasure of coming across. It was originally two identical, run-down, commercial buildings which have now been given a new lease of life as a family home/office by Bangkok based IDIN Architects.

4 brothers and sisters with plans for the future were the clients that IDIN Architects sought to create this contemporary space for. It had to cater to both domestic needs as well as the needs of the family jewelry business. The peculiar challenge was creating private home units for each family member within the vast vertical space comprising living rooms, bedrooms etc. Each of these private units are basically two storey homes with seperate, individual access via a back elevator. There is, however, a communal family living and dining area at the top level.


contemporary-architecture_030915_27-800x613 contemporary-architecture_030915_26-800x636 contemporary-architecture_030915_28-800x515

The central core as well as the back of the house features a fairly large skylight that floods the space with daylight that permeates all levels. This flood of natural light is complimented by the presence of a large, centrally located tree at the core of the building which is seemingly visible to all and sundry, which, in essence, draws in nature.contemporary-architecture_030915_04

contemporary-architecture_030915_02 contemporary-architecture_030915_03 contemporary-architecture_030915_07

The final element was the interior design and fit out of the house. Very modern and clean, exuding a sense of practicality and function. The entire project is exemplary, and so well done when considering the scale and complexity of the objective.  contemporary-architecture_030915_08 contemporary-architecture_030915_10 contemporary-architecture_030915_11 contemporary-architecture_030915_12 contemporary-architecture_030915_13 contemporary-architecture_030915_14 contemporary-architecture_030915_15 contemporary-architecture_030915_16 contemporary-architecture_030915_17 contemporary-architecture_030915_18 contemporary-architecture_030915_19 contemporary-architecture_030915_20 contemporary-architecture_030915_21 contemporary-architecture_030915_22 contemporary-architecture_030915_23 contemporary-architecture_030915_24 contemporary-architecture_030915_25


Architect: IDIN Architects (Jeravej Hongsakul , Wichan Kongnok, Thawin Harnboonseth)
Interior architect: Miss Jureerat Korvanichakul, Mrs. Sarin rangsikanbhum
Structural engineer : Mr.Pakanut Siriprasopsothorn
Photography: Spaceshift

[via contemporist]

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