Reims University Shipping Container Student Apartments Facilitated by Prefabmarket

In Paris, 152 containers make up this contemporary studio apartment building catering to the students of Reims University.

The private developer Akerys, worked with a Guangdong, China prefab manufacturer to design, manufacture, ship and construct the project, all of which took about 6 months. This was made possible by Prefab market who served as a facilitator between the developer and the China-based prefab manufacturer.


The building features 131 studio apartment units, each covering an approximate area of 27 sq. m. The studio come fully equipped with all finishings, full baths, and kitchens, and were intended to be sold for about 94,000 euros.


Images and information on the project are courtesy prefab market.


  • Prefab Structure Cost: $398 (N126 000*) per finished sq m
  • Shipping: 152 containers @ $1,038 (N 327 000*)  per = $157,776
  • Size: 4,256 sq m
  • Number of Apartments: 131
  • Per Apartment Value: 94,000 euros (N33 million)
  • Manufacture Period: 78 days
  • Total Construction Period: 6 months
  • Manufactured: Guandong, China
  • Final Location: Paris, France
  • Developer: Akerys
  • Structure Specs: Converted shipping containers
  • Features: Installed with full functional finishings
  • Completed: August 2014

(*exchange used for conversion is $1 – N314.75)


french-uni-_08student-flats french-uni-_07student-flats french-uni-_30student-flatsfrench-uni-_03student-flats french-uni-_23student-flats french-uni-_06student-flats french-uni-_10student-flats french-uni-_12student-flats french-uni-_05student-flats french-uni-_19student-flats french-uni-_13student-flats french-uni-_11student-flats french-uni-_18student-flatsfrench-uni-_17student-flats
french-uni-_02student-flats french-uni-_01student-flats french-uni-_16student-flats

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