Pura Vida Beach House by Vida Design Studio

Pura Vida – A Luxury Beach House In Ilashe Lagos by Vida Design Studio

Located on the picturesque Ilashe beach, an exclusive private beach resort in Snake island, off the coast of Lagos Nigeria, Pura Vida joins the company of modern beach houses that have become the destination of weekend getaways from the bustling city life of Lagos, Nigeria.

Pura Vida is a modern beach house designed and built by Vida Design Studio, an architecture and interior design studio based in Nigeria. The 4 bedroom luxury beach house features an impressive facade with a textured natural palette, both on the inside and outside.

Pura Vida Beach House by Vida Design Studio
The front elevation of Pura Vida beach house by Vida Design Studio
Front view of Pura Vida Beach House

The exterior features a white stucco facade combined with natural elements and neutral tones such as stone on the ground level. The white and natural palette repeats in the interior, serving as the center stage of a minimalist design.

The interior is mainly minimalist – white walls with wood accents, as seen in the wooden doors, steps and other design elements. Large wall art pieces break the continuity of the white walls, introducing colour and vibrancy to the spaces. Large windows and sliding doors light up the interior space, offering a generous view of the beach. The grey floor tile adds a modern polished stone appeal/touch.

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